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Property Including Wind

In order to qualify for coverage including wind, a fire resistive high-rise building must have full glass protection and a new or well-maintained roof. Buildings that upgrade their windows and roof are eligible for coverage. Superior overall maintenance is also an important factor in risk evaluation. Our wind program is designed for the single or multiple tower type of risk rather than low-rise building complexes.


Property Excluding Wind

Coverage can be provided on an ex-wind basis for risks that do not meet our underwriting criteria for wind. Typical risks include joisted masonry and masonry non-combustible construction (single building or multi-building complexes) and older, fire-resistive buildings that are not fully protected for wind.


QBE is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and provides coverage on a QBE policy as part of the NFIP Write Your Own program. This option allows the customer to have their property coverage and flood coverage with the same company.